Rudolpho Da Costa: “Lebanon will be Seeing More of Me Next Season”

Rudolpho Da Costa: “Lebanon will be Seeing More of Me Next Season”

Author : Ali AlawiyaMon, 19 Jan, 2015, 15:36

Sportkello had an interview with Bank of Beirut’s Brazilian Rudolpho Da Costa ahead of the big Final’s clash with Al Mayadeen, during which he talked about the final series as well as his future with Bank of Beirut.


1- How have you changed as a player since last year’s final?

Da Costa:  I feel better being part of the team; my performance has definitely improved as well as the chemistry within the team. I’ve grown to love being a part of the Bank of Beirut family and its fan base and getting all the support from them. For all the reasons mentioned, I work hard on giving my best.


2- Which one of Al Mayadeen’s players scares you most?

Da Costa:  I am never afraid of the opponents. I love futsal and I love my job here at Bank of Beirut. When I’m on court I make sure I’m enjoying my job. It’s not about being afraid of the opponents, but about respecting them, and the respect I have towards Al Mayadeen’s players pushes me into working harder.

3- How confident are you about Bank of Beirut winning the league title?

Da Costa: It’s a tough final series; all of us will give our best on court and hope for the best.

4- Does it bother you being constantly compared to Al Mayadeen’s Angellot Caro?

Da Costa: For a matter of fact the comparison does annoy me a little. There’s a big difference in the way he plays and the way I do. In fact, he is a right footed player while I’m a left footed player.

5- After playing for 2 seasons in Lebanon, are you happy with your performance?

Da Costa:  I am very satisfied with my performance. I was injured for a while but thanks to the excessive and professional medical care I received, I will manage to get back into the game and participate in my second consecutive final in Lebanon.

6- Will we see you again in Lebanon?

Da Costa: Yes, I have extended my contract with Bank of Beirut for another season.

7- Do you have a final word for the Bank of Beirut fans?

Da Costa: I would love for the fans to come and support us through all the final games and hopefully celebrate the title with us in the end.


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