With A Hat Trick for Angellot Caro Al Mayadeen Tie the Final Series

With A Hat Trick for Angellot Caro Al Mayadeen Tie the Final Series

Author : Roubina AlabashianWed, 21 Jan, 2015, 14:32

The awaited excitement in the Futsal Championship finals was fairly delivered last night. The second game of the final series witnessed Al Mayadeen making a big statement in the face of those who thought that the series would end with an easy 3-0 win for Bank of Beirut.

The game in its regular time was a cautious one, on both sides. Bank of Beirut opened the scoring scenario through Vladan Vesic, to which Angellot Caro replied with another, ending the first half with a 1-1 tie. The second half was a diverse repetition for the first, when Al Mayadeen scored the 2-1 goal, again, through Angellot Caro and Bank of Beirut re-tied the score, this time through Mohammad Iskandarani.

It was only during the two 5 minute long extra times that the game took a more entertaining turn. Al Mayadeen finished the first extra time with 3 goals, going from a 2-2 tie to a 5-2 lead. The 3 goals came through, Angellot Caro, who finished his scoring campaign for the night with a hat trick, Mahmoud Dakik and Hassan Zeytoun.

During the second extra time, Bank of Beirut adapted the power play, a risk that would’ve been in their favour yet didn’t. Al Mayadeen’s Mohammad Rahouma took advantage of the power play and scored the sixth for his team, into an empty net. Finally, and during the craziest 1 minute of the game, just 2 minutes before the final whistle, 3 goals were scored, 2 for bank of Beirut through Alee Sisi and Rudolpho Da Costa and 1 for Al Mayadeen through goalkeeper Tarek Tabboush, putting an end to an exciting 7-4 victory for Al Mayadeen.

The final series continues on Friday at 17:50 in the Emile Lahoud Stadium in Dekwaneh. The match will be broadcasted live on LBCI.

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