A Penalty Shootout Puts Al Mayadeen A Step Ahead of BoB

A Penalty Shootout Puts Al Mayadeen A Step Ahead of BoB

Author : Roubina AlabashianSat, 24 Jan, 2015, 00:31

Al Mayadeen won the third game of the finals series, this time at the Emile Lahoud Stadium, the home of BoB and under the watchful eyes of its fans. The win got Al Mayadeen a step closer to the title in the team’s attempt to steal this title from their rival, last year’s champion, Bank of Beirut.

The game was played in full length, and for the first time in the final series, fans were able to watch a penalty shootout.

The game in its regular time ended 3-3, with Al Mayadeen opening the scoring through Angellot Caro, who proved to be one of the best, if not the best, players of the finals. The Bank’s Jhony Koutany tied the score, finishing the first half with a 1-1 tie. During the second half of the game Angellot and Hassan Zeitoun scored respectively for Al Mayadeen. Just when everybody thought that those 2 goals might be the closures for the night, the Brazilian Rudolpho Da Costa disagreed, scoring 2 goals for Bank of Beirut, finishing the regular time of the game with a 3-3 tie.

Unlike the extra times of game 2, during which 7 goals were scored, the third game’s extra times saw only 2 goals. The first was scored by Alee Sisi during the first extra time for BoB, and the second by Angellot who scored a penalty during the second extra time for Al Mayadeen, after Bank of Beirut players committed their sixth violation through Mohammad Iskandarani, who was sent off.

A 4-4 tie after 2 extra times meant it was time for a penalty shootout. The 3 regular penalties were scored for both teams, through Vladan Vesic, Jhony Koutany and Alee Sisi for Bank of Beirut and through Angellot Caro, Hassan Zeytoun and Moustafa Rhayem for Al Mayadeen. The fourth penalties were scored as well through Moustafa Serhan and Mohammad Rahouma for BoB and Al Mayadeen respectively. It was during Bank of Beirut’s fifth chance at a penalty that Ali Homsy missed, meanwhile Karim Abou Zeid scored his successfully, giving a precious second win for Al Mayadeen, keeping the team one match away from the title.

The fourth match will be played on Sunday at 17:00 in the Sadd Stadium. The game will be live on LBCI.

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