Charlotte Hornets Beat LA Clippers 106-94 in Their First NBA China Games

Charlotte Hornets Beat LA Clippers 106-94 in Their First NBA China Games

Author : Cri EnglishMon, 12 Oct, 2015, 10:16

Fans in Shenzhen were given a dual treat last night as the NBA came to town.

Chinese fans were able to see Chinese-American Jermey Lin in action, in-person.

Lin, who joined the Charlotte Hornets in the off-season, had 16 points and 4 assists to lead the Hornets over the LA Clippers 106-94.

The other treat for fans in Shenzhen was the appearance of NBA great Michael Jordan, who has decided to put his legal dispute with a Chinese footwear maker aside to travel to China to support the Hornets.

"As we have seen lately, China has become one of the fastest growing basketball fans in the world. I would never thought in 1990, it will be grown this fast or this big. But we are very fortunate the game has spread that much and is loved by many here. I think it is going to continue to grow, and I think the players enjoy coming over and relating with the fans here in China, and it was fun even when I play and it got much bigger now and I think it is good for the game."

Michael Jordan is part owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

He's been in a legal battle with Chinese shoe manufacturer Qiaodan, which he has accused of infringing on both his name and IPR to sell their products.

A court in Beijing ruled against Jordan's latest appeal in July.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and the LA Clippers are now in Shanghai, where they'll play their final exhibition game in China on Wednesday.

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