MUBS sport conference

MUBS sport conference

Author : MUBSFri, 16 Jun, 2017, 16:39

Under the Patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Youth and Sports The Modern University of Business and Science (MUBS) organized a sports conference to meet the challenges faced by the sports sector overcoming the complexities of the political situation and sectarian influences and the need to secure resources for its development.

Within the conference several speakers’ took part such as “The Beirut Marathon Association” and “The Olympic Committee” by representing their esteemed associations/clubs.   

The conference was presented by Ms. Michele Hajal,

The Dean of the British Academy in Lebanon Dr. Samer Hamzeh welcomed the attendees who then went on to present the work of the university and the adoption of programmes required by the labor market.

Second up from the speakers’ was Mr. Ezzat Kraytem, both the representative of the Olympic Committee, and the Sports Management programme director at MUBS. Mr. Kraytem spoke about the role of the Olympic Committee, Lebanese university programmes enhancement in the sports sector, and the uniqueness of the program adopted and offered at MUBS.

After that came Mr. Peter Murakade, representative of the Beirut Marathon Association, who discussed the successful initiative the organization experienced and noted how the initiative has reached its summit. This in turn reflects the interest of the people in Lebanon and the region as a whole. Moreover, Mr. Murakade highlighted the importance of the Sports Management Programme in partnership with MUBS and Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Then the Chairman Dr. Hatem Alami, thanked the Minister of Youth and Sports for his patronage and attendance. Dr. Alami went on to discuss the development of sports management and how Lebanese universities should help provide the necessary requirements towards the success achieved by sports leaders through offering them designated programmes. Candidates from the programmes will graduate with the necessary competencies and contribute in creating a positive environment for the cooperation of all concerned.

His Excellency the Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Mohamed Fneish thanked the University for organizing this conference and its importance in setting priorities and identifying the most important challenges, stressing the importance of sports culture and developing its interest in addressing the problems experienced by our youth and the deviations that threaten them amid the current developments. Mr. Fneish congratulated MUBS on the achievement of its team in Serbia’s tournament for the championship between universities.


First session: ‘Evolution of sport sector in Lebanon and precisely the Lebanese Basketball’

Brigadier George El-Hed, commander of the Higher Center for Military Sports, was the session chair.

The first speaker was Mr. Pierre Kakhia, president of the Basketball Association of Lebanon, who discussed the challenges of the Lebanese basketball. He pointed out the weaknesses of sports culture, sportsmanship and fair play. He also mentioned that the Federation has been developing basketball in Lebanon with their priority being developing players. By this the Federation achieves its values, funds sports and encourages schools and universities to graduate competencies and help them find work. In addition to that Lebanon suffers from a lack of professionalism and productivity in the players, an absence of material and basketball courts that are in line with international standards.

He also highlighted on the lack of financial support and challenges that they’ve been facing in preparations of hosting FIBA Asia Cup 2017 in August. The president of the federation also announced that Julian Khazzouh will join the Lebanese National team in the Asian cup.

The longest serving professional player in the league and one who assumes leadership of the National Team and its recurring accomplishments Captain Fadi El Khatib highlighted the importance of sport participation at the routs and thus the necessity for academies. He also pointed out the importance of professional training and conditioning to maintain high performance level.

Mr. Fadi believes that the sport sector is developing and therefore he invested in 'CHAMPS' his new sports club with a vision for the future to create new players in its academies.

Mr. Ghayath Dibra, a sport journalist at LBCI dwelled on sports media in Lebanon. He pointed out that Lebanon suffers from the absence of sport audience compared to other countries due to the lack of a sports culture. He then assumed that the circle where the Lebanese sport industry operates is so small yet so powerful. He added that politically led viewers, insight into reviewing habits of the Lebanese society and rivalry among teams from opposite political backgrounds and regions so he advised a healthy competition would be based on regions not religions.

Mr. Tamam Jaroudi, Vice President of Al Riyadi Sporting Club shared his success story with Al Riyadi Club mentioning the major problems facing Lebanese basketball, such as politics. He also highlighted that Al Riyadi management follows a strategy of utilizing Lebanese talents and less focus on high budget foreigner players and coaches, this paid of in accomplishments for the past two decades

Mr. Ahmad Farran, Head Coach of Al Riyadi Basketball team also reviewed the importance of the support of Al Riyadi Management and affirmed the need of sport management background in their management.



Second session: ‘Tools & Mechanisms for sports development’


 In this session, Colonel Paul Saliba presented the experience of the Higher Centre for Military Sports and its effectiveness despite the low budget.

As followed, Dr. Bachir Abdel Khalek the technical director at the Lebanese Paralympic Committee demonstrated the obstacles and the opportunities of athletes with special needs. He went on to ask the Military sport for statistics about injured soldiers to feed the Paralympic Lebanese reservoir.

Last but not least, at the end of the conference, the organizing committee promised to organize similar conferences later on in the Jal al-Dib branch due to the importance of the development of the sports sector in the region.


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